William Wiley

William Wiley

Professor Emeritus, Former President

William Wiley is the co-founder and former president of the Federal Employment Law Training Group. An attorney with over 35 years of experience, Mr. Wiley formerly served as Chief Counsel to the Chairman of the MSPB and Chief of Staff to the General Counsel of FLRA. He is now an attorney in private practice representing agencies before the MSPB, EEOC, and OSC. Mr. Wiley is the developer of the e-training modules, How to Fire a Federal Employee and How to Defend a Federal Employee. His latest book UnCivil Servant: Holding Government Employees Accountable for Performance and Conduct, Fourth Edition. Mr. Wiley presents at FELTG training programs MSPB Law Week, FLRA Law Week, Absence & Medical Issues Week, as well as other programs.

Areas of Training Expertise

Performance and Conduct


Whistleblower Reprisal

Recent Articles

Where Does It Say I Can Reprimand?

By William Wiley, originally published November 14, 2015; posted July 10, 2015 Questions, we get questions. And here’s one that goes to the fundamental nature of an agency’s authority to do anything: Dear Genius-Level Brains at FELTG- What is the Statutory or CFR...

Barr and Mueller Should Come to FELTG Training

By William Wiley, June 12, 2019 Yeah, they each messed up. And if they had participated in the FELTG Conducting Workplace Investigations program (next offered August 5-9 in Denver), they would have not. In case you’ve been adrift at sea without social contact for the...

Sorting Things Out: Defining Adverse Actions

By William Wiley, May 21, 2019 In a recent FELTG Flash, I laid out the distinction between the general concept of "discipline" and what constitutes "discipline" relative to the application of "progressive discipline" in the federal workplace. In this piece, we take on...

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