William Wiley

William Wiley

Professor Emeritus, Former President

William Wiley​ is the co-founder and former president of the Federal Employment Law Training Group. An attorney with over 35 years of experience, Mr. Wiley formerly served as Chief Counsel to the Chairman of the MSPB and Chief of Staff to the General Counsel of FLRA. He is now an attorney in private practice representing agencies before the MSPB, EEOC, and OSC. Mr. Wiley is the developer of the e-training modules, How to Fire a Federal Employee and How to Defend a Federal Employee. He is the co-author of UnCivil Servant: Holding Government Employees Accountable for Performance and Conduct, 5th Edition.

Areas of Training Expertise

Performance and Conduct


Whistleblower Reprisal

Recent Articles

Performance Isn’t About Can’t Do vs. Won’t Do

  By William Wiley, September 7, 2021 Below is an email we received from a FELTG student, lightly edited for space and context, followed by our FELTG answer.     Dear FELTG, I attended your MSPB Law Week in person last year just before everything was...

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