July 2022 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

Returning to the Physical Workplace May Be a Morale-Buster for Many

Last week, FELTG held its first in-person open enrollment training since March 2020. While we’ve done a few onsite classes for agencies over the past two years, most of us have been stuck in Zoomland on days of the week that end in -y. (That said, thank goodness for Zoom.)

We had some interesting (face-to-face!) discussions last week about how the return to the workplace transition was going at various agencies. And it turns out that a LOT of employees don’t want to report back at all because they’ve been successfully doing their jobs from home for the last two years.

Return to the workplace requirements are drastically impacting things like employee morale, retention, and more. We’ll keep you posted as we learn what agencies can better do to prepare for Navigating the Return to the Post-pandemic Federal Workplace.

In this month’s newsletter, we discuss whistleblowing, post-Santos guidance, pronoun use, and much more.

Take care,


Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

No BS: Prepare Your Agency for Possible BA.5 Wave

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