May 7, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm America/New York Timezone

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Katherine Atkinson

Course Description

If a contractor files an EEO complaint, your agency may be liable. The federal-sector EEO process is not exclusively limited to civil service employees. Contractors can file EEO complaints if the agency is determined to be a “joint employer.” How do you determine if you are a joint employer? Join FELTG as we cover the Ma factors; applying the Ma test; roles and responsibilities of agency personnel when contractors start the EEO process; defenses to the “joint employer” allegation; and the common questions and answers that arise from agencies dealing with contractors.

This is the third webinar in a four-part series on Navigating Challenges in the EEO Process.



  • Early Bird Tuition (payment required by April 28, 2020):
    • 1 line: $100
    • 2-5 lines: $185
    • 6-9 lines: $260
    • 10-15 lines: $340
    • 16-20 lines: $425
  • Standard Tuition (payments made April 29, 2020 or later):
    • 1 line: $115
    • 2-5 lines: $215
    • 6-9 lines: $290
    • 10-15 lines: $370
    • 16-20 lines: $455

Additional teleworkers may be added for $40 each, if space is available.

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