The President has mandated training on DEIA for all agency employees. Check out FELTG’s DEIA events, plus helpful resources, below.

Register for upcoming DEIA training:

Virtual Training Event – Everything You Need to Know About the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Webinar – Red Light, Green Light: Revisiting Existing Reasonable Accommodations

Virtual Training Event – Writing Final Agency Decisions

Webinar — Barking Up the Wrong Tree? Service and Emotional Support Animals in the Workspace

Webinar — Dealing with “Other” Harassment: It’s Not Always About EEO

DEIA-related training recordings:

Antisemitism and Other Religious Harassment in the Federal Workplace (1 hour)

Promoting Inclusion: Pronoun Use and Gender Identity in the Workplace (1 hour)

Addressing Age Discrimination in the Federal Workplace (1 hour)

Free FELTG news articles related to DEIA:

Does it Matter if a Dog is a Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal?

How Not to Handle Religious Accommodation Requests

The Israel-Hamas War and Religious Harassment in the Workplace

Can Using the Term ‘Master Bedroom’ be Considered Workplace Harassment?

Invisible Disabilities Require Same Focus as Those You Can See

Expect More Religious Advocacy, Accommodation Requests

Reasonable Accommodation Requests: Have You ID’d the Essential Job Functions?

Are Complaints About Requests for Reasonable Accommodation Time-Barred After 45 Days?

A Big Change for Undue Hardship in Religious Accommodation … or Not?

Get Up Federal Workplaces: Make DEIA (and B) Training Your Jam!

Forecast Calls for Category 1-3 Harassment: What Will You Do?

OPM Report Stresses that DEIA is STILL a Federal Workplace Priority

Three Costly Lessons on Reasonable Accommodation

Do the FELTG Check-in and Ensure Accommodation is Still Effective

In-Office Thursdays Only? Some Employees Really Do Need Specific Telework Days

And Now A Word With … EEOC Chief AJ Regina Stephens

Your Agency’s DEIA Strategy Should Address Workplace Antisemitism

No Debate Necessary: Accommodating Employees Who Had Strokes

Ask FELTG: If Metro is Closed, Is Telework a Reasonable Accommodation?

And Now a Word With … EEOC Commissioner Keith Sonderling

Don’t Forget the Accommodation of Last Resort

And Now a Word With … Former EEOC Commissioner Christine Griffin

EEOC Case Illustrates the Ugliness of Harassment Based on Disability

Ask FELTG Tackles Two Questions About Reasonable Accommodation

Sometimes Things Just Aren’t as They Seem

She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs: Pronouns in 2022

And Now a Word With … J. Bruce Stewart About Diversity & Inclusion

And Now a Word With … OPM Director Kiran Ahuja

Ask FELTG: If an employee with a disability can perform his job at the worksite, why would telework as a reasonable accommodation be necessary?

OPM Offers Roadmap for Your DEIA Plan

Three Things You May Not Know About Nondiscriminatory Hiring

2022: An Office Odyssey – The Workplace of the Future is Already Here

And Now a Word With … EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows

And Now a Word With … Tinisha Agramonte on First-Generation Professionals

Go the Extra Yard to Support Feds With Mental Health Conditions

The Word ‘Reasonable’ is Half of Reasonable Accommodation

I Wouldn’t Ask That if I Were You: Pre-employment Questions to Avoid

Tools, Techniques Needed: Conducting Investigations When Trauma is Involved

And Now a Word With … Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley

Other DEIA resources:

Guidance for Agency-Specific Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plans

Executive Order 13985

FELTG Training resources:

Virtual Training


Webinar Recordings 

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